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About Me

In 2017, I was introduced to the ketogenic diet by a good friend who suffered from health issues she couldn’t overcome through traditional medicine. She found a practitioner who offered a ketogenic diet program and she was going to give it a try. I’ve always been into health and became very interested as she explained the countless ways the ketogenic diet could change your health and quite literally your life! I decided to begin this journey with her as a supportive friend and also to find out what this lifestyle was all about. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Since I began my journey I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, have energy through the roof, I’m finally able to build muscle, I don’t have blood sugar issues anymore (tired after eating, cravings, constant need to snack, episodes of being hangry, shakiness, brain fog, list goes on), regular period, and I can happily say for the first time in my life at 46 years young I am happy in my own skin!

I received a certification as a Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Coach in August of 2018 and started my own business. I've successfully coached friends, family members, and clients through their own journey of transitioning into the keto lifestyle with great success! 

I’m passionate about the keto lifestyle and would love the opportunity to support others along their path to living a healthy and happy life! ❤️

I offer different plans and programs please check it out under Plans & Pricing. Whether you are new to Keto or just need support and accountability I am happy to help in any way I can.

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