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Join my next challenge group to learn all about the keto lifestyle and metabolic flexibility!


I've been holding 4 week keto health reset challenge group through a closed Facebook group for years. It's been an amazing journey helping others learn all about the keto lifestyle! Many participants come back month after month for the meal ideas, information, guidance, support, and accountability. For my upcoming May challenge I am adding information about metabolic flexibility. I've worked really hard with my clients and challenge participants to learn how to break the "diet mindset" so focus can be placed on great health. I feel now is the time to incorporate information on metabolic flexibility for my participants who are fat adapted and ready to take their journey to the next level and also for those participants who want to cycle in healthy carbs for various reasons.

Metabolic flexibility is the ability to respond or adapt to conditional changes in metabolic or energy demands. In other words, your body has the ability to switch from using carbs and fat for fuel/energy. A few benefits of being metabolically flexible are sustained energy, fewer blood sugar dips and spikes, fewer cravings and improved fat burning! One way to improve your metabolic health and flexibility is to follow a keto lifestyle. Keto will help you transition to fat burning for fuel and will also naturally train your body to intermittent fast - both of which are the fastest ways to increase metabolic flexibility.

If you are interested in learning more please check out my website and sign up for my next 4 week challenge group. If one on one coaching is more your style then please sign up for one of my plans. I'd love to work with you!

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