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Keto Myths

You will find lots of information out there and articles that say the Keto diet is bad and all about eating bacon and butter. Wrong! The healthy Keto approach that I’m trained in is packed full of delicious veggies and nutrients. Let’s face it I love my butter and bacon like any true Ketonian but my Keto life doesn’t revolve around these items.

🔵 Myth - all you eat is fat and lack all the nutrients you need.

False! Yes, the Keto eating style is a low carb diet however, this does not mean to omit all of those delicious vegetables that contain the potassium and magnesium that is definitely needed. In fact, a majority of the carbs you consume SHOULD come from cruciferous veggies and leafy greens.

🔵 Myth - it’s unsustainable.

This one quite frankly annoys me the most! Think about it - what’s not sustainable about cutting out sugar and processed foods? Keto recipes are delicious and I’m eating tastier foods now. There are healthy Keto versions of just about any recipe out there.

🔵Myth - Keto is for weight loss only.

Keto will definitely help with weight loss and fat burning but that’s not the only benefit. Regulating hormone production, normalizing blood sugar, improving cognitive function, improving digestive health, and reduces the risk for certain diseases and disorders like diabetes and heart disease (to name a few)

🔵 Myth - you can’t exercise on Keto.

Not❗️ Exercise boosts ketone production therefore, increases fat burning. Initially you will feel less energized during workouts but this goes away once your body adjusts. Make sure to consume lots of healthy fat before your workouts and recovery is key!

🔵Myth - everyone gets the Keto flu.

Nope! Some people have a smooth transition, others may have some symptoms of the Keto flu. If your electrolytes are on point you should have no to little flu symptoms. Make sure to get sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Very important!

I hope this information is helpful to you. What have you heard about Keto that has made you facepalm?

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